17 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Fun

Halloween is here and is one of my favorite times of the year. I hope you are ready to get creative with Halloween makeup. It’s time to flaunt our makeup skills and talent. Today, we talk about only easy Halloween Makeup looks that are simple, fun and creative.

If you’re anyone like me, who is looking for last-minute Halloween Makeup inspiration that must be simple, easy and quick, you’re at the right place.

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Let’s together have a look at some easy Halloween makeup ideas for 2024. Let’s begin, shall we?

17 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Creative

1. Nike Fan



Time to flaunt your love for the brand. This Nike Makeup look is nice for Halloween. I like the creativity of the Makeup Artist!

You can use a sponge as a stamping tool. Just cut it into the logo size and stamp your way through. Or you can create a stencil via cardboard to outline and fill in. If you have a confident hand, you can easily create this look using black eyeliner, lipstick or even eyeshadow.

2. Harley Quinn



A fun take on a quite popular look for Halloween, Harley Quinn. Love the dripping blood and bruises. The red and blue eyeshadow looks pretty and blend well. The heart stamping and other detailing speak for themselves.

An easy to recreate makeup look for Halloween if you know the basics of makeup.

3. Flower Power



Another simple but gorgeous look. Why not get creative with flowers? Simply paint different sizes of white flowers on your face. You can even add flower petals to elevate the look.

4. Minions, Assemble



A perfect Halloween look! It is easy to do and works perfectly as a creative makeup look. You can also recreate this look with your friends’ group and call for all Minions to assemble.

5. Angel or Devil



Easy to hand draw halo and devil horns. The base makeup is dewy and minimal. You can keep it according to your preference.

6. Angel Wings



Show off your angelic side with these angel eyeliner wings. With this look, you just gotta wing it.

7. Cat Look


Halloween Makeup (2)


Love this cute take on Catwoman kinda look. Easy to recreate and overall a fun look for Halloween. The bold red lipstick and the base makeup elevate the look to the next step.

8. Witchy Vibes



It is time for some gothic makeup. Go for a blog makeup look with intense eyeshadow and black lipstick. Use black eyeliner to create some cryptic language to add some mysterious vibes.

9. Easy Clown Look



Super simple to do, easy Clown look! Get your favorite red and get started. Love the heart clown nose here.

10. Devil



We had angel wings. Now, it’s time for the devil look. Love the horns over the eyebrows as they are easy to recreate. The base makeup and other detailing are beautiful. Red lip gloss and the devil’s tail really make it for a fun Halloween look.

11. Bloody Handprint



One of the quite popular Instagram looks has to be these tiny handprints that look blood-dripped. Love the basic makeup look with red lipstick and pretty intense eye makeup. Just add some spookiness with the handprints.

12. Joker


Joker Halloween


The real Joker is here. The best part it is an easy-to-recreate look. Looks great too.

13. Bloody Hearts



Halloween makeup gotta be spooky. Why not add blood-dripped hearts to add scary vibes?

14. Spider Webs



Cobweb wing eyeliner is another popular and fun Halloween look. But what about spider webs all over the face? Intense, must say!

15. Glitter Clown Look



A nice take on the Clown look with some glitters and edits.

16. Changing Color




You’re turning pink or purple or blue! So many choices. Another simple but gorgeous makeup look.

17. Ghosts



Add some scary or cute tiny ghosts to your looks for Halloween.

That’s a wrap. Which is your favorite look? Share in the comments below.

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