23 Spooky Halloween Nails Designs for Inspo

When it’s Fall, it is time to get all your decorations down from the attic and get in the Halloween vibes. Also, time for us to get our Halloween nails done! Time for Trick-or-Treat season.

I wait for this time throughout the year. I love Summer. Don’t get me wrong! But I love all the festivals, celebrations and holidays we have lined up during the winter. A nice refreshing change to my otherwise boring winter mood.

23 Spooky Halloween Nails Designs 2024

Here are some Spooky Halloween Nails Ideas to get inspired!

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1. Slimy Nails


Halloween Nail Ideas


Get inspired with these gorgeous coffin nails. It gives all the spooky vibes. Great color combination for Halloween. The bat detailing is truly amazing.

2. Vampire Nails


Halloween Nails


Beautiful black nails with great Halloween stuff and essentials to create spooky vibes. You will find the spider, webs and vampire lips.

3. Bat Manicure


Halloween Nails


A great Inspo for your Halloween claws are these perfect gothic nails but with neon retwist. Looks pretty on short nails. The crescent moon and bats scream it’s that time of the year!

4. Boo Nails


Halloween Nails (2)


Pink nails for Halloween? Why not? Love these spooky Boo nails with spider webs and Pumpkin faces. A nice refreshing change if you are bored of Fall colors or just love pink slightly more than other shades.

5. Classy Nails


Halloween Nails Designs


I adore these Pumpkin face nails. What’s your vibe – smiley or spooky? Love the beautiful Fall shades. The black stripes and orange base look pretty good. Worth a try.

6. Glitter Fall Nails


Halloween Nail Inspo


Looking for an easy nail art idea for Halloween? Got you covered. All you need is gorgeous Fall nail polish shades. Just add some glitter to take your simple nail art to next level. Looks pretty and is easy to do.

7. Grinch Vibes


Halloween Nails Art


Too early for Christmas nails, guess not with this dual-vibe nail art. Pretty yet spooky.

8. Pumpkin Flare


Halloween Nails


This is nothing but just pure art. It looks beautiful and creative. The pumpkin is adorable and the whole look is a ten.

9. Spooky Day


Halloween Nails


Increase the level of spookiness with these nails. These blood-dripped tips definitely look scary.

10. Halloween Elegant Nails


Halloween Nails


Tone down soft and light colors but still spooky. Another amazing alternative to your regular Halloween nails.

11. Purple Spider Webs


Halloween Nails


Omg, these are so pretty. I love how short nails are still visible on the acrylics. Pastel purple vibes and the web detailing.. perfect.

12. Classic Halloween Nails


Halloween Nails


There are bats, webs, and pumpkin.. checks all of our Halloween requirements. Classy Halloween nails for last moments ideas.

13. Colorful Treat


Halloween Nail Inspo (3)


Halloween nails can be colorful and fun. Love the cute tiny ghosts, bats and other fun detailing.

14. Checker Nails


Halloween Nails (9)


Classic Halloween nail colors but a nice refreshing change to the design. I like checkered nails, webs and dripping.

15. Castle Nails


Halloween Nails (11)


This is an AI-generated nail design. It means these ain’t real nails but still, a pretty design to draw inspiration from. The 3D castle art and the base color mix steal the show.

16. Hello Kitty Nails


Halloween Nail Inspo (4)


Halloween is the time to play dress up for our nails too. If you love Hello Kitty, time for some gothic Hello Kitty Nails. Looks classy for Halloween but is still cute!

17. Glowing Ghosts


Halloween Nails (12)


These glow-in-the-dark nails with happy and not-so-happy ghosts look fun! Looks gorgeous and worth a shot.

18. Skull & Ghosts


Halloween Nail Inspo (2)


Although pink, the skull still has a spooky vibe. Love the nails overall.

19. Animated Nails


Halloween Nail Art Short Nails


The cartoon-drawn nails look almost animated! Pretty nail design for Fall and Halloween.

20. Cute Nails


Halloween Nail Art


These nails are so darn adorable. I would not want to get them off!

21. Virtage Halloween


Halloween Nail Art (3)


These are some creative Nails for the season. Screams Halloween and has a scary vibe.

22. Blood Drip Nails


Halloween Nail Art (2)


The blood drip nails are spooky. But somehow it still reminds me of ice cream cones!

23. Techy Heart Nails


Halloween Nails (10)


These are my personal favorite. If you add a ring to the heart cutout, it looks more beautiful. You can also wear it for Valentine’s Day or even for White Christmas!

I hope you get inspired by these beautiful Halloween nail designs.

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