7 Reasons Why You Get Greasy Hair Fast (Quick Fixes)

You recently washed your hair. Should be set for a few days, right? But wait, you have a non-cooperative oily scalp, and greasy hair is your bestie.  Why does your hair get greasy quicker? Let’s see some common reasons why and some quick fixes.

Why does Hair Look Greasy Quickly?  (+Solution)

Greasy Hair Scalp

11 Silly Hair Mistakes Are Ruining Your Hair

Let’s begin.

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Why do scalp and hair get Greasy Quickly?

There can be various reasons why your hair gets greasy fast. Every scalp and hair is different. What works for one won’t necessarily work for you. But it is better to be aware of the main culprit causes.

Some common reasons are dirty pillowcases, hair brushes, and scrunchies. It can also be genes, diet, and environment.

1. Washing Hair Frequently or Too Less

I don’t believe in hair training. It didn’t work for me no matter what. I was consistent and strategic. Long story short, it doesn’t work for everyone. And yes, I was patient enough to do it for around 6 months or so.

Every scalp is different. So there is no magic number for how many times you should wash your hair weekly. You should wash your hair depending on your hair texture, type, scalp, and environment.

Washing too often strips off natural oils and sebum. Your body ends up replenishing it and voila, you’re oilier than before. Hey Olive Oil!

Washing less often causes buildup and dirt, causing hair to look flat and greasy. It loses volume and looks just bleh. Look at solution #1 to know exactly how to wash your greasy and oily hair the right way. We all have made this major mistake.

2. Not Shampooing Twice

I have oily skin and an oily scalp. Similar to double cleansing that my face needs, regardless of whether I wore makeup that day, my hair needs double shampooing.

If you are also blessed with a greasy scalp, you need to double shampoo as well. The first wash is for buildup removal and the second wash does the actual job of cleaning the scalp thoroughly.

You can also use a scalp massager to scrub gently. I prefer silicone ones as the bristles are flexible. However, remember to use these scrubbers less often as they can be harsh.

3. Washing Your Hair Incorrectly

You washed your hair and felt good. Your hair looks fresh and you’re good to go.

But did you know that your hair is anything but clean after that felt-good wash you just had? Yup! Emulsifying and lathering make you believe that you washed your crown thoroughly. But that’s not how it works.

How to wash oily hair the right way? Check out the oily scalp and dry hair routine to know exactly how to wash your greasy and oily hair the right way. Most of us have made this major mistake.

4. Clarifying Rinse or Shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo or rinse. This simple step is so helpful for oily scalp. I can’t even. Just add this to your hair routine but be consistent.

Here is a DIY Clarifying Rinse because fewer products are good. You need just 2 ingredients, yogurt and apple cider vinegar. Mix both and make a runny consistency rinse. Apply it using a dropper or dropper bottle.

If you ain’t a DIY fan, feel free to go for this clarifying shampoo. My hair stylist recommended this metal shampoo as it removes mineral and hard water buildup. It is the advanced step to a regular clarifying shampoo.

5. Dirty Hair Brush

Stinky scalp and bad-smelling hair? One of the core reasons is unclean hair tools. Clean your hair bands, brush, comb, and scrunchies weekly. This elevated my hair health so much. I’m a lazy bum and cleaning makeup brushes is not pleasant to me. Let alone hair tools that you can still manage with uncleaned brushes.

Don’t be like yours truly and wash them. If you can’t do weekly, try bi-weekly or whatever works for you. Admittedly, my scalp is so greasy, that it is a weekly routine for me.

6. Dry Shampooing Wrong

My scalp gets oily by Day 4. Before, I dry shampooed on Day 4 but now it is Day 3. The idea is to dry shampoo on a non-greasy scalp. Generally, we use dry shampoo on already greasy roots and oiliness is difficult to manage. Try this and see if it works for you.

7. Don’t Touch Hair Unnecessarily

Avoid touching hair with dirty fingertips. You are doing nothing but just adding dirt to your hair efficiently. Your hair will grease faster.


Greasy Itchy Scalp

How to Prevent Fast Greasy Hair and Scalp?

Here are some helpful hair tips to prevent the scalp and hair from becoming greasy faster.


1. Wash your hair according to your scalp

Figure out what works for your hair. Switch up your hair wash duration and monitor the changes. Does washing your hair twice weekly make it less greasy than washing it thrice?

Greasy hair on Day 3 or 4 is quite common, more than you think.

2. Double Shampoo
3. Use Dry Shampoo or Alternatives (Baby Powder or Cornstarch)
4. Use a Clarifying Shampoo
5. Change pillowcase often and use Satin ones
6. Clean Hair Brushes, Combs, and Scrunchies frequently
7. Boar Brush to your rescue

This Tiktok hair tip worked amazingly well for my greasy hair. Apparently, the boar brush drags down the oil sitting on the scalp and in the roots. You are basically removing the excessive oil by simply brushing your hair.

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