10 Helpful Haircare Tips For Healthy & Happy Hair

I absolutely adore healthy and happy hair. Long or not, thick & lustrous hair is it. Here are 10 Amazing Haircare Tips for shiny and healthy tresses. Which of these hair mistakes are you doing inadvertently?

10 Amazing Haircare Tips That Are Actually Helpful 2024

Haircare Tips Healthy Hair

Let’s dive in.

11 Silly Hair Mistakes Ruining Your Hair

1. Use Shampoo On Scalp

While washing hair, use shampoo on your scalp. Do not apply shampoo directly to your hair tips. Using shampoo on the ends results in rough and dry hair that nobody wants.

It also means using shampoo unnecessarily. You’re wasting your shampoo. It does no good (rather damages) and you also end up wasting your product.

2. Conditioner Hair Tips

Conditioner is for hair tips. Apply conditioner on the mid-section and ends. Avoid using it on your scalp as it can cause itchy, flaky scalp or even dandruff.

3. Are you brushing your hair the right way?

Ideally, everyone follows the top-down approach and brushes from the scalp towards the ends. But you got it all wrong babe. The correct way to brush your hair is bottom to up. Yup, that’s right. It helps reduce hair breakage and damage.

4. Greasy Hair

Does your hair get greasy fast? Add a clarifying shampoo to your hair kit.  It helps with the buildup and keeps the greasy scalp in check.

Greasy Itchy Scalp

5. Brushing Wet Hair

We all have done this. It helps to detangle hair. But hair is in a vulnerable stage when wet and you don’t want to fight it. Brushing wet hair leads to breakage and damage, resulting in thin hair. For curly hair beauties, you can use a wide-tooth comb in case you have to brush it.

6.  Wash Hair Twice Weekly (Minimum)

How often should you wash your hair? To answer this correctly, there are a lot of parameters. Sadly, no magic number for perfect tresses. But for a healthy and happy crown, wash your hair a minimum of twice.

7. Rubbing in Conditioner

Rubbing in a hair conditioner is a no-no. When applying conditioner, your hair is already wet and more prone to breakage. So instead of rubbing in and fighting your hair during wash, you should gently pat it in the conditioner.

8. Clean Your Hair Brush

Yeah, you already know it. Why is this even a tip? Because Sherlock.

Cleaning your brush or comb is something that you should do monthly. No matter what hair products or haircare routine you use, it all comes down to zero if your tools ain’t clean. Mostly, we keep switching products and adjusting our hair routine. Often neglecting the main culprit, hair tools. Scrunchies, accessories, comb, brush, pins, clips, and whatnot. When did you last clean them?

9. Using Excesse Shampoo

Often in a rush or used to the idea of lather, we overuse shampoo. It leaves your hair with residual buildup and overall, unclean. Excess shampoo also leads to dry scalp. How to fix this habit of hastily shampooing wrongly? Try pre-shampooing or double cleansing.

10. Using Less Conditioner

Contrary to the previous one, we tend to use less conditioner. Imagine your tresses with this horrific combo – extra shampoo and less conditioner. More dryness and less moisture, perfect not.

Excessive conditioner weighs down hair but less conditioner results in dry hair tips. How about you try this – start by applying a small amount of conditioner but add to it as you proceed. Use slightly more than you generally do. The right amount of conditioner? Depends on your hair length but as a thumb rule, a quarter size is all you need.

Hair Care Tips Healthy Hair

Which of these tips are the most useful for you?

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Hair Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair Care Tips Healthy Hair