15 Cute Spring Nail Art Ideas to Try RN

As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, it’s time to switch up our nail game for spring. Whether you’re heading to a picnic or just want to add color to your daily routine, there are many nail art ideas to try out this season.

15 Cute Spring Nail Art Ideas To Recreate 2024

From pastel shades to floral designs, I’m here to share some of my favorite creative and fun nail art ideas to get you inspired for the season. So, grab your nail polish, and let’s get started!

20 Gorgeous Yet Easy Summer Nail Art Ideas

Pink Delight

Spring Nail Art


Spring blooms on your fingertips! πŸŒΈπŸ’… Try this pastel pink base with delicate white floral accents for an abstract take on classic floral nail art. Perfect for any occasion, from brunch with the girls to a romantic date night.

Spring Smile


Smiley Flowers


These spring-inspired nails are perfect for adding a pop of color and happiness to your day. The soft peach base adds subtle warmth, while the bright white smiley flowers bring a fun and playful touch. The delicate floral design is sure to brighten your mood and complement any spring outfit

Sunflower 🌻


Sunflower Nails


With summer being around, add some beautiful sunflower detailing on a popping yellow base. Black adds to the contrast but you can switch it with any light contrasting color.

Pastel Colors

You can’t go wrong with bright pastel colors. Pick all of your favorite colors to add variety and range. I like the soft pink and blue in this one. It’s great for the spring and summer months. Best part, super easy to do and still looks pretty.


Colorful Nails Ideas


Orange Bonanza

Short nails? Here is orange nail art with flower power detailing by just using a dotting tool and a brush. The color is bright and beautiful making the whole nail art look gorgeous.

Short nail art ideas for spring



Another pretty nail art idea for the warm months. I love the striking blue coat. The ribbon and dotting make it all come together quite well.

Blue cute short nails


Flower Power

Beautiful color combination and flowers for spring. The flowers look popping due to the nice contrast and are easy to do with any dotting tool.


Flower Power Nails


Little Flower Party

Go for any peachy color or color closer to your natural base. Add some tiny flowers and leaves to give the spring vibes. Voila, it looks so in sync with our theme!


Spring Nail Art short nails


Cute Polka Nails

Can’t go wrong with a pink base topped with cute red symmetrical dots. Love the summer shades and the overall look.

Easy Spring Nails


Ombre Nails

Another perfect spring nail idea? These extra long square tapered nails are sure to turn heads with the stunning ombre effect using a blend of orange and pink nail polish. The intricate flower design adds a touch of elegance, while the embellishments provide a fun and playful element to the look.



Striking Pink

Love this pink nail art and cutesy flower border line along the edges on a neutral base. The colors are perfect for the upcoming months.


Pink Floral Nails


Purple Pastel

Absolutely love these soft purple pastel swirls. They look cute and minimalistic. Still add to the fun vibes and popping colors.


Purple Swirls Nails 2023


Cow Print

For fun farm vibes, let’s add some semi-cow print. Monochromatic look for those who don’t like many colors.

Cow Print


Floral Punch

This one is my favorite because it’s easy to do and the shades are so vibrant and uplifting. Everything is just perfect including the flower in the center.


Sprint Nails


Blue Flowers

Add blue flowers on a neutral base to create the effect of space. The navy blue flowers stand out and give a break from the popping colors.

Nail art ideas 2023


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