21 Gorgeous Summer Nail Art Trends for Inspo

Whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, these nails are the ultimate accessory for any summer adventure. So, why not treat yourself to a little floral flair and step into the sunny season in style? Let’s check out some awesome Summer Nail Art Ideas for 2024.

21 Amazing Yet Easy Summer Nails 2024

Save the best ideas for inspiration so that you can show them in the salon. 💅

15 Cutesy Spring Nail Art Ideas to Try in 2024

Watermelon Nails 🍉


Summer Nail Art (3)


Summer is all watermelon sugar! Give these watermelon nails a try this summer. All you need is some red hues. The watermelon tips are gorgeous too.

Yellow Waves


Summer Nails (3)


Not exactly waves 🌊 though, but it gives off beachy tropical vibes. The color pallet used by the nail artist does the trick for me. If you look at it closely, you can see the beautiful detailing with soft pastel colors.

Color Treat


Colorful Nails Summer


Love these gradient nails and the shades. It is great to wear on beaches and any summer outing. You can even add a rhinestone to finish the look.

Royal Red

Summer Nails (4)


Summer calls for bright and vibrant colors. Why not try some beautiful summery red manicure 💅 this season? Simple and quick, not to forget so easy too! I guess the real trick is to select the right red.

Pastel Swirls


Summer Nails Inspo


This nail art is just right for spring and summer. Beautiful soft pastel colors with gorgeous swirls. One of my favorite looks so far.

Cotton Candy


Summer Nails


These cotton candy nails are definitely worth a try. All you need is baby pink nail paint and get creative as you like it. You can also add embellishments to Ace the look.

Pink French Tips


Summer Nails (2)


These Pink French Tips are easy to do and you can also get creative with them. Going for the right pink is the key for this one. Sweet and simple. Period.

Ombre Nails


Summer Nail Art (7)


These pink and orange ombre nails are something you definitely wanna give a go. It looks pretty and would work even for short nails. Just go for bright and complimentary shades.

Sunset 🌅 Nails


Summer Nail Art (2)


Love the burnt orange shade giving the perfect summer vibes. Totally love the nail shape and how pretty it’s to look at.

Colorful Day


Summer Nails Trends (2)


Add some color to your boring mundane day. Take out all your colorful nail polishes and get going! I like this one, easy to do and works for summer.



Summer Nail Art Ideas


Totally obsessed with pinks, reds and oranges. All these shades gorgeously come together for this artwork.

Playful Summer


Summer Nail Art Ideas (2)


This nail art screams fun summer days. Look at the vibrant colors, cute flowers and detailing. Totally adore this one.

Lemon 🍋 Nails


Summer Trendy Nails


Love these beautiful pastel yellow and lemon tips. Easy twist to the regular french tips.

Shades of Blue


Summer Nail Art (6)


Here is one with different shades of blue. You can also try this with different shades of any color. Simple yet amazing!

Lilac Flair


Summer Nails Trends (3)


Embrace the season of sunshine with this chic pastel nail art, featuring a soft peachy shade and delicate purple blooms. These pretty petals add just the right pop of color to your fingertips, making them the perfect complement to all your summer outfits.

Summer Sky


Summer Nail Ideas


The right shade of blue is all you need to create summery vibes. Nothing fancy but still a pretty manicure.

Matte Patels


Summer Nails (5)


Get ready to paint the town pastel! These matte finish beauties are the perfect summer accessory for any outfit. From lavender to baby blue, these pastel shades are a chic twist on classic nail polish.

Pink Gradient


Summer Nails Trends


Contrast gradient nails are not only gorgeous for short nails but also easy to do. You need nail art tape and a sponge to blur the edges.

Easy Summer Mani


Summer Nail Art (8)


Just love the pretty teal color and the contrasting peachy shade. Quite easy to do yet has a chic and sleek look.

Color Fest


Summer Nail Art (5)


You can’t go wrong in experimenting with colors. Love how this one turned out. It is the bright colors that are doing the magic.

Neon Pop

Summer Nail Art (4)


I like the neon shades used for this one. Elegant and classy summer nails.

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