How to Make Hair Smell Good All Day?

Body odor is a common issue many of us deal with. So is Hair odor. Smelly scalp and hair is something many face without even knowing. There are numerous reasons why your hair smells bad. Today, let’s explore some beauty hacks to make your hair smell good all day naturally.

11 Brilliant Beauty Tips to Make Hair Smell Good

Beauty Hacks for Happy Hair

Why does your hair smell like a wet dog after washing? Here is a list of 8 reasons why your hair smells bad.

Now let’s get at it.

1. Fragrant Hair Products

Smelly hair after 3 to 4 days is common. Using fragrant hair products for stinky hair is an easy solution. It works well and masks the bad smell. Win-win.

It works even if your hair smells bad instantly after a shower. Here are some of my favorite hair combos for that fragrance boost.

Living Proof Shampoo smells so good. It is color-safe and sulfate-free. Sol de Janeiro hair products smell delicious and the scents last long.

Don’t want to just hide the foil smell beneath a pleasant fragrance? Got you. Try #2 instead.

2. Treating Root Cause

There is a specific reason your hair smells bad after a shower or as soon as it is dry. You need to find the real culprit and attack the root cause.

Some common issues for bad hair smell are smelly hair syndrome, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dandruff, and itchy & dry scalp. If you treat these problems, bad hair odor will become a thing of the past. You can get a medicated shampoo via dermat.

3. Spray Perfume on Brush

This is a beauty hack and it works so well. Perfect for those moments when your dry shampoo is finished and you don’t have time for a hair wash. You gotta head out but your hair is a mess.

Grab your favorite perfume and spray it… NOT on your hair but on your hair brush. Go for any of your favorite scents but I do prefer a light flowery girly soft fragrance as it is not strong or intense.

Spray perfume from a slight distance and brush your hair. Your hair will smell good for a long time.

Pacifica Hair Spray is a great drugstore hair and body spray that smells fresh and clean.

4. Clean Hair Tools

Dirty hair brushes and combs also cause stinky scalp. If you want hair that smells fresh, clean your hair tools, including scrunchies and headbands. Bacteria and product build-up on hair tools, especially combs, and brushes are common.

I clean my brushes the good old-school way. Start off by removing/cutting the tangled hair and leave the comb in shampoo and water solution for 20 minutes. If you have a fancy brush, you can wipe it off with a clean cloth instead of soaking it in water.

5. Dry Shampoo

Greasy, messy, and unmanageable hair with bad odor? Dry shampoo for all hair woes all the way. L’Oreal Elvive Clay Dry Shampoo and Living Proof Dry Shampoo have some of the best pleasant scents that I have tried. They manage your hair and cover up the bad lingering odor.

6. Hair Spray

We all know that hair spray is amazing for the greasy scalp and keeps oiliness in check. Here is a beauty hack to tackle smelly hair.

Use hair spray as your hair perfume. Spray it onto your hair length evenly and let the fragrance soak in. The residue leaves a lasting fragrance and your hair smells good throughout the event.

A perfect beauty tip for those days when you have run out of your hair perfume and your hair is giving you a hard time.

7. Hair Oil

Not a fan of dry shampoo? Or worse, did you run out of one? You have neither hair perfume nor dry shampoo. Hair oil to your rescue.

Apply a good-smelling oil to your hair mids and tips. Make sure to take a pea-sized amount and apply it after rubbing it between your fingers. I recommend OGX Argan Oil as it smells amazing and is super affordable.

Remember not to over-apply it. We don’t want greasy-looking hair. Also, don’t apply on the scalp. It is not an oiling session but an amazing haircare tip to deal with smelly hair.

Hair Fragrance Beauty Tips

7. Hygiene

Admittedly, this should have been the #1. But I trust you are not making any of these silly hair mistakes that ruin hair. Washing hair properly and thoroughly is the basic step of getting fantastic-smelling hair naturally.

Avoid touching your hair unnecessarily. This is similar to not touching your face all the time as it does more bad. Usually, your hands are dirty. Touching hair with dirty hands means you’re collecting dirt and debris on your mane.

8. Pillowcase

Switching pillowcases helps with bad hair odor. Fresh and clean pillow covers lead to fresh and clean mane. A dirty pillow is equal to a dirty hair smell. Nobody likes the burnt hair stink.

9. Blow Dry

Blow dry your hair instead of drying it naturally. The main idea here is to not leave your hair wet for a long duration. This particularly rings true if your hair smells bad while wet.

Monitor your hair and check if the bad odor is gone or not. Of course, if it is just wet hair causing the stink, blow drying will stop it as your hair won’t be wet in the first place. But do monitor it once it is dry.

10. Hair Protectant

Environment affects your hair and skin. It can cause hair odor. Hair is porous in nature and actively absorbs lingering scents. Smoke, pollution, food, and dust get absorbed and lead to bad-smelling hair. Try to avoid pollution, smoke & harsh environment.

You can use hair-protectant gear such as a wrapping scarf or cap. Leave-in conditioners or hair masks also help by creating a natural barrier and protecting your hair.

Brushing helps to remove pollutants and dirt by spreading natural hair oil evenly throughout the hair. This way odor doesn’t settle into one section.

11. Diet

You are what you eat. To look good on the outside, you need to feed well inside. Consume less oily, processed, and sugary foods. Drinking plenty of water helps too.

Eating healthy and keeping your diet in control helps with hair and skin issues including bad scalp smell. A balanced intake of fruits and veggies alongside omega-3 fatty acids is recommended.

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Beauty Hacks for Good Smelling Hair